Är jag en 6:a?

Your Life Path Number is 6
Your Life Path Number represents the path you should take through life and the talents and skills you have to make your journey a rewarding one.

Your Life Path Number makes you a both a healer and a provider. You maintain a balanced life and are looked upon by others as a stable and trustworthy person. You are sympathetic and caring, which makes you a good listener and counsellor. You are able see the best in people around you.

Positive Traits
Nurturing, Responsible, Dutiful, Family Oriented, Kind, Stable, Devoted
Negative Traits
Intolerant, Discontented, Dictatorial, Dogmatic

Vad säger ni?


Postat av: Zack

Så väl känner jag dig inte men det är en sexigt tanke verkar de som ;)

Ha en trevlig kväll.

2007-12-11 @ 19:24:08
URL: http://cityoftheday.blogg.se

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